Definition of inducer and concurrent

In synesthesia, the inducer is the stimulus that triggers the synesthetic experience, and the concurrent is the synesthetic experience itself.


Examples of inducers and concurrents:


Inducer: the sound of a violin.

Concurrent: seeing a yellow line.

(In auditory-visual synesthesia.)


Inducer: reading the word “telephone”.

Concurrent: experiencing a taste of melon.

(In lexical-gustatory synesthesia.)


  1. is it possible that the inducer can be like touch sensation and the concurrent seeing shapes?i need help

  2. I am a Projector Synesthete and in the beginning it always began with emotions that made me cry but, that only lasted for about two years, after which I began receiving the projection immediately with no heavy emotions. I just last year discovered the name for these experiences and I am now collecting information on how this takes place. It has been quite an experience to suddenly see a window open in the air before me complete with vision of another place than where I was standing; once I was even driving my car. It amazed me to think I could "see" so clearly the interior of my car, the road I was driving on, the "window in the air" and understanding what the message was and who it was for and from. Have had many of these over the years of my life I am now 78! Thank you to everyone involved in this <3 endeavor, may it ease many a persons mind. Anonymous