The seventh Synesthesia, Science and Art Congress was held in Granada, Spain (and in nearby town Alcalá la Real, on the last day), from 26-29 October 2022, with talks and presentations given by researchers, artists/creators, teachers and other members of the international synesthesia community, together with workshops, posters, a concert and an exhibition. These conferences have been held every two years since the mid-00's, there's been a 3 1/2 year gap before this one but it was worth the wait! One of the best things about the Congress is getting to meet and socialise with all the synesthetes, researchers and artists who attend, against the backdrop of two beautiful Spanish towns. See you at the next one! Although the event is now past, here's the post I put up with the full programme and all the details: 

The registration fee is 200€ (for on-site attendance). Anyone can sign up and is welcome to attend. The Congress languages are English and Spanish (simultaneous translation available for all the talks). Online attendance costs 80€

Here is the newly updated version of the programme. You can dowload the new Congress pdf here, or check out the Congress website here.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

09.00h-10.00h Registration

10.00h-10.30h Opening Ceremony

  • 10.30h-11.15h.- Guest Speaker- Opening address

    The Cante Jondo Contest of 1922 and the interdisciplinary artistic context in which it was conceived. (on-site).

    Reynaldo Fernández Manzano
    Doctor of Medieval History, Musicologist.
    International University of Andalucia, Spain.

11.15h-12h.      Break

Wednesday 26th October: Scientific study and research in Synesthesia.

12:00h– 12:45h.- Keynote speaker
Synaesthesia: A Personal 20-year Scientific Perspective. (online).

Prof. Julia Simner, School of Psychology, University of Sussex, UK.

12.45h-13.15h.- Debate

13:15h–13:30h.- Time to view Posters

Lunch break

15.30h-17.30h.- Long papers

15.30h-15.50h.-Beyond 'One Grapheme One Color': The Color(s) of Multigraphs in Polish, Dutch, and English// Más allá de "Un grafema, un color": El(los) color(es) de los multigrafos en polaco, holandés e inglés
Katarzyna Zofia Kolodziejczyk, Romke Rouw and Nicholas Root. University of Amsterdam. Netherlands.

15.55h-16.15h.- Culture-specific Psychological Research of Congenital Synaesthesia: Overall Rationale and Preliminary Results of a Survey in Nairobi, Kenya // Investigación Psicológica de la Sinestesia Congénita: Justificación general y resultados preliminares de una encuesta en Nairobi, Kenia (online)    Anton Dorso. MPSU, MSUPE, IASAS, JTTS (Russia)

16.20h-16.40h.- Color my world: Identifying differences between females and males in types and clusters of synesthesia, //
Colorea mi mundo: Identificación de las diferencias entre mujeres y hombres en los tipos y grupos de sinestesia (Online vía Zoom)
Emily Pizzorusso and Sean Day. 1) Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA; 2) Trident Technical College, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

16.45h-17.05h,-Test-retest consistency around the world: does synesthetic consistency differ by language?. //Consistencia del test-retest en todo el mundo: ¿difiere la consistencia sinestésica según el idioma? (Online vía Zoom)
Nicholas Root and The Cross-Language Synesthesia Consortium. Netherlands

17.10h-17.30h.-The Synesthesia Tree: a New Resource for the Synesthesia Community //El Árbol de la Sinestesia: un nuevo recurso para la comunidad sinestésica
Pau Sandham, Traductora profesional.
 Foro Reddit/Synesthesia. Spain


18.00h-19.00h.- Short papers

18.00h-18.15h.- "Konzeptthesia" .- a short documentary film by Pascal Acker and Alexandra Kirschner with experimental scenes in which Danko Nikolić is interviewed about the origin and development of synaesthesia//

Es un cortometraje documental de Pascal Acker y Alexandra Kirschner con escenas experimentales en las que se entrevista a Danko Nikolić sobre el origen y desarrollo de la sinestesia
Alexandra Kirschner . Aurelius Sängerknaben Calw Germany
Pascal Acker. Endress+Hauser Liquid Analysis Germany

18.20h-18.35h.-A cross-sensory Map. Analysis between Visual and Auditory Correspondences in Audiovisual Sonification//Un mapa intersensorial. Análisis entre las correspondencias visuales y auditivas en la sonificación audiovisual
 Valentina Caiola, Politecnico di Milano Italia. Sara Lenzi Northeastern, University Boston, MA. Dina Riccò, Politecnico di Milano Italia

18.40h-19.00h.-Shapes and colours of the scent. A synesthetic design approach for cosmetic packaging//Formas y colores del aroma. Un enfoque de diseño sinestésico para los envases de cosméticos
 Davide Antonio Gambera Vasco Milne dos Santos
,   Pedro Oliveira, Vasco Milne, -IADE Universidade Europeia Portugal; Dina Riccò , Politecnico di Milano, Italy and Emilia Duarte, Universidade Europeia Portugal

19.00h-19.15h.- On Synesthesia and Tonggan: A Chinese Proposal to the World//
Sobre la sinestesia y el tonggan: una propuesta china para el mundo
 Linfeng Shen. China Academy of Art. PR China

19.15h-19.30h.-Strategies for promoting awareness of synesthesia in Africa.//Estrategias de promoción del conocimiento de la sinestesia en Africa.
Abiola Agunsanwo, SSOA Founder and President. Africa


Thursday 27 October 2022: Literature, Arts, Music, Digital Art

9.30h-10.00h.- Registration

10:00h–10:45h.- Keynote Speaker

La palabra pintada/ The painted word
Guillermo Busutil.- Writer and art critic. National Award for Cultural Journalism.

10.45h-11.45h.-Long Papers

10.45h-11.10h.-Synaesthesia and Sensory Accessibility.  Vicarious analog and digital technologies for accessibility to visual art// Sinestesia y accesibilidad sensorial.  Tecnologías analógicas y digitales vicarias para la accesibilidad al arte visual.  (Online via Zoom). Dina Riccò (Department of Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy)

11.10h-11.30h.-Escucha sinestésica de una muestra ecléctica de conciertos para guitarra y orquesta; un resultado sinestésico digital// Synaesthetic listening of an eclectic sample of concertos for guitar and orchestra; a digital synaesthetic result.
Clara Isabel Soto Rodríguez,  Universidad de Guanajuato México

11.30h-12.00h.- Break

12.00h-13.00h.- Long Papers

12.00h-12.25h.-Synesthete jazz, rock and pop musicians:  How do they use synesthesia to create music? / Músicos sinestésicos de jazz, rock y pop:  ¿Cómo utilizan la sinestesia para crear música? (online via zoom)
Sean Day, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Trident Technical College Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Joerg Jewanski , Institute of Musicology, University of Vienna, Austria

12.25h-12.50h.-Scope and limits of synaesthetic arts. // Alcance y límites de las artes sinestésicas.
 Michael Haverkamp, Independent Scientist


Lunch Break

15.30h-17.30h.- Long Papers

15.30h-15:50h.-Walking Down The Street: The Sequel// Caminando por la calle: La Secuela
Jasmin Rani Sinha, Synaesthesia Translator, Belgium

15:50h-16.10h.-Was Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis a Synesthete?// ¿Fue Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis un sinestésico?
Greta Berman. The Juilliard School. USA

16:10h-16:30h.-Multimodal and Psuedo-Synaesthetic Systems in Visual Music Composition: Applying Color Harmony to the Musical Process//
 Sistemas multimodales y psicoestéticos en la composición de música visual: Aplicación de la armonía del color al proceso musical
 Umut Eldem, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp Belgium

16:30h-17.00h.-The Body Curios: can 3D printed haptic objects foster empathy in a gallery audience?//The Body Curios: ¿pueden los objetos hápticos impresos en 3D fomentar la empatía en el público de una galería?
 CC Hart, International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists USA

17.00h-17.30h.- Break

17.30h-18.30h.- Short Papers

17.30h-17.40h.-Synaesthesia Design Panel, Fishbone Diagram Applications in Design and Art// Panel de diseño de sinestesia, aplicaciones del diagrama de espina de pescado en el diseño y el arte
Ninghui Xiong, Painting Music Art Synaesthesia Studio P.R.China.

17.40h-17.55h.-Bringing Synaesthesia To Life: A study of synaesthesia in ancient Chinese culture// Dar vida a la sinestesia: Un estudio sobre la sinestesia en la antigua cultura china
Ninghui Xiong Fundación Internacional Artecittà China delegate PR China; James Wannerton, UK Synaesthesia Association United Kingdom.

18.00h-18.15h.- Call & Response: Digital Art and Music Collaboration Through Synaesthesia//Llamada y respuesta: Colaboración entre el arte digital y la música a través de la sinestesia
 Svetlana Rudenko,  Technological University Dublin Ireland
 Carrie Firman, Edgewood College USA.

18.15h-19.00h.- Break and time for Posters

19.00h-19.15h.-Music for Alice Dali Augmented Reality Experience: Multisensory Design Soundscapes for Locative Mobile Phone Gaming (via Synaesthesia)// Música para la experiencia de realidad aumentada de Alicia Dalí: Paisajes sonoros de diseño multisensorial para el juego localizado con teléfonos móviles (vía Synaesthesia)
Svetlana Rudenko,Technological University Dublin, Ireland
Mads Haahr, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

19.15h-19.30.- Sensing Nanos with Averted Perception//Detección de Nanos con percepciones evitadas. Raewyn Turner Auckland, New Zealand; Brian Harris Auckland, New Zealand; Toni Fröhlich Basel, Switzerland,


Friday 28 October 2022: Special and  interdisciplinary papers

09.30h-10.00h.- Registration

10.00h-10.45h.- Keynote Speaker
Belen Higueras Garnica. Creative director of Quantum Babylon; Juan Pablo Castillo Cubillo, Chief Executive Officer. Spain
El metaverso, la última frontera de los sentidos. Plataforma Quantum Babylon

10.45h-12.00h.- Long Papers

10:45h- 11:10h.-. Arte y Ciencia de la Sinestesia: Semiosis de la sinestesia, síntesis de la conciencia y la realidad del mundo y su significado en la era digital/ Art and science of synaesthesia: Semiosis of synaesthesia, synthesis of consciousness and reality of the world and its meaning in the digital age. Francisco Acuyo Donaire, Universidad de Granada. Grupo HUM1014, Spain.

11.10h-11.30h.-Making digital technology malleable for artistic exploration of the visual music expression.// Hacer que la tecnología digital sea maleable para la exploración artística de la expresión en musical visual.
 Maura McDonnell,Trinity College, Dublin. Ireland

11.30h-11.50h.-Stepping beyond complementarity: the Chromossound challenge - aesthetic implications and first technical results//Más allá de la complementariedad: el reto Chromossound - implicaciones estéticas y primeros resultados técnicos. Sérgio R. Basbaum, Ítalo Santiago VegaVictor Rosetti de Quiroz, Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP), Brazil


12.00h-13.00h.- Long Papers

12.00h-12.20h.-Revisiting the emotional brain: synesthesia and the virtual world//Revisando el cerebro emocional: la sinestesia y el mundo virtual.  Helena Melero , Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

12.20h-12.40h.-The Taste of Pumpernickel - a synaesthetic surprise// El sabor del pan de centeno: una sorpresa sinestésica
 Christine Söffing & EMU-Ensemble, Center for Music & Art / MUZ, Ulm University, Germany

12.40h-13.00h.-The Outside Looking In, The Inside Looking Out //El exterior mirando hacia dentro, el interior mirando hacia afuera.
Carol Steen. Touro College and University System
United States

13.00h-13.15h.- Electrónica para artistas y sinestesia sonido/movimiento/color) // Electronica for artists and sound/movement/colour synaesthesia
 María José De Córdoba Serrano, Nicolás Montoro Aguilar, José Antonio Vertedor. (Presentation and participatory proposal on the set at the Fine Arts Faculty)
Universidad de Granada. Spain DISCUSSION



15.30h-17.30h.- SHORT PAPERS

15.30h-15.45h.- Introduction to Fragrance Triggering Workshop (workshop until 19.30)//Información sobre el programa del taller de activación de fragancias (taller hasta 19.30). En Salón de Grados, Facultad de Bellas Artes, UGR, Granada, Spain

15.45h-16.00h.-The Synaesthesia Room. An artistic exploration of synaesthesia to understand our senses//.La sala de sinestesia. Una exploración artística de la sinestesia para entender nuestros sentidosValeria Perboni, Nine Lyrae Productions,United Kingdom. Krisztina Losonci, Nine Lyrae Productions, United Kingdom. James Wannerton, UK Synaesthesia Association, United Kingdom

16.00h-16.15h.-Un lugar de los sentidos transfigurados en la Educación artística// A place of transfigured senses in Art Education. AUTHOR: Javier Dominguez Muñino, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

16.15-16.30h.-Synesthetic-Based Music Creation vs Digital Music Software 
 Greg Jarvis, USA

16.30h-16.45h.-Call & Response: Digital Art and Music Collaboration Through Synaesthesia//Llamada y respuesta: Arte digital y música colaboración a través de la sinestesiaSvetlana Rudenko- Technological University, Dublin Ireland. Carrie C. Firman, Edgewood College, USA

16.45h-17.00h-A Case of Olfactory Somatosensory Response. Artistic Representation about the Synaesthesia Scent of Essential Oil and Related Material: Auto-research of 67 Odors//
Li Jingyi. Universidad de Granada

17.00h-17.15h.-La escritura de un paisaje interdisciplinar para una ciudad invisible// The writing of an interdisciplinary landscape for an invisible city. Ângelo Dimitre Gomes Guedes. Centro Universitario del Distrito Federal (UDF). Brazil.

17.15h-17.30h. BREAK

17.30h-19.00h. SHORT PAPERS

Primary Exploration of Art Synesthesia Course Development and Implementation
Tongjun Ding, Congcong Li, Jing Liu, Linjuan Zhang, Xiao Hong, Xu Gao, Xi Xu, Yiting Zhang and Ninghui Xiong

Synchrony and Synchresis (“Electro-synesthesia”)
Zsolt Gyenes. USA

Timing and Motion of a Synesthetic Visualization of Max Waves’ Loom as Digitally Animated in 3 Dimensions
Ann LePore and Geri Hahn

My Thoughts Appeared in the Sky: A Synesthete Meets the Aurora
Carrie Firman

Timothy B Layden.- Presentation of the International Exhibition "El Reto físico en lo Digital", Convento de Capuchinos, Alcalá la Real Jaén, Spain. 29 October - 20 November 2022.

19.00 - 19.30 - Discussion / Debate 


For the entire duration of the conference, October 26-28, posters, videos and works will be exhibited.

A selection of the best videos from the contest: MuVi6. International exhibition of video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music.
The videos are shown at: Faculty of Fine Arts “Alonso Cano”, University of Granada (Spain) and Convento de Capuchinos, Alcalá la Real (Jaén, Spain).




  • .-TITLE:Journey Through the Senses: insights into choreography via synesthetic impressions for piano compositions  multimodal performance.
     AUTHORS: Svetlana Rudenko and Zoe Marinello Kohn
  • .- TITLE: Images of Religious Dances and Music-making from Yunnan in China Symbolizing Synaesthetically Death and Afterlife. 
    AUTHOR: Ling Wang
    Institution: Yunnan University, Country: P. R. China
  • .-TITLE: Sonorizando cuadros: una propuesta formativa en creatividad y sinestesia.
    AUTHORS: Marina Buj Corral. Universidad de Girona. Universidad de Barcelona. España.
  • .- TITLE: Recursos sinestésicos en la audiodescripción museística
    Laura Carlucci
    Universidad de Granada. España
  • .- TITLE: Evocaciones Intermodales Palabra-Imagen en la sinestesia “sumergida”. De  la mano al Pixel. AUTHORS: Consuelo Vallejo Delgado. Universidad de Gramada. España
  • .- TITLE: The beauty of numbers: an experimental approach to the arts musicalization.
  •  AUTHOR: Antonio Félix Vico Prieto. Universidad de Jaén. España.
  • .-TITLEStudy on Cultivated and Broadened artistic Creativity and Imagination
    AUTHOR :  Nalin Shen. Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, Hangzhou, PR China.
  • .- TITLE: La ciudad Háptica y algunos ejemplos. AUTHOR: Alvaro Porras, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. España.

Workshops during the Congress:

.- Ninghui Xiong and Pat Duffy.-"Fragrance Triggering" workshop (Salón de Grados, Facultad de Bellas Artes, UGR)





In homage to Zhang Yu (1333—1385), Synaesthete - Poet and Painter with his beautiful poem “Pavilion for Listening to Fragrance”, the program features an art workshop focusing on somatic sensory experience practice including smell, audio, visual, and kinaesthesia, demonstrating how synaesthesia can bring us greater creativity for art and art education

  • Ninghui Xiong - Painting Music Art Synaesthesia Studio, Beijing, P.R. China
  • Patricia L. Duffy -The United Nations, New York, USA
  • Pau Sandham (Pau 365) - The Synesthesia Tree, Seville, Spain
  • Maria José de Córdoba - Fundación Internacional Artecittà & University of Granada, Granada, Spain
  • Tongjun Ding - Hangzhou Normal University, Hangzhou, P. R. China
  • Juan García Villar - Fundación Internacional Artecittà & University of Granada, Granada, Spain
  • Consuelo Vallejo Delgado - Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain
  • Wanqing Zhang - Xi’An Conservatory of Music, Xi’An, P. R. China


Electrónica para artistas y sinestesia (sonido/movimiento/color)
María José De Córdoba Serrano, Nicolás Montoro Aguilar, José Antonio Vertedor, (propuesta participativa en plató de la Facultad de Bellas Artes)




Saturday 29th October: Closing Ceremony. International Art Exhibition and Piano Concert.

9.30h-10.00h.- REGISTRATION

10.00h-10.30.- Bus to Alcalá la Real, Jaén. (Meeting point: main door of the Fine Arts Faculty) 11.15 - Arrival in Alcalá la Real

11.30h-13.15h- Preparation of “Art and Synaesthesia”-The physical challenge in digital” exhibition

14.30h.- LUNCH

18.00h-18.30h.-Closing CeremonyAula Magna, Convento de los Capuchinos, Address: Calle del Obispo Ceballos, 1. 23680. Alcalá la Real, Jaén, Spain.

19.30h.- Opening of the International Art Exhibition: "Synesthesia and Visual Arts"- El reto Físico en lo digital". Exhibition 2022. Curator: Timothy B Layden; coordinators: Federico Barquero Mesa; PPH, Michael Havercamp; Christine Soffing. And Projection of a selection of the best works presented to MuVi6

20.00h.-Svetlana Rudenko piano/ Piano concert at Teatro Martínez Montañés. Alcalá la Real, Jaén 


First half
Alice Dali Augmented Reality Experience (Appfragments) Music multisensory soundscapes composed by Dr. Svetlana Rudenko, Narration by Prof. MadsHaahr, Trinity College Dublin, CEO Salvador Dali (1904- 1989) was commissioned by Random House to illustrate for a small, exclusive edition of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and painted 12 images for 12 chapters of the book. Svetlana interprets Dali’s art musically, using the synaesthesia model as an emotional and inspirational tool.
Synaesthesia Gallery AR: F. Chopin Ballade N1 Op. 23, Art by Ninghui Xiong

Break 10-15 min

Second half
Synaesthesia Gallery AR (app download
F. Liszt B-minor Sonata (extract), Art by Timothy Layden, visuals by Prof. Maura McDonnell, MMT TCD
J. S. Bach Sonata for recorder and piano, Michael Haverkamp

S. Rachmaninov Selected Preludes Op. 32



Facultad de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Faculty) Alonso Cano. Salon de Actos, Salon de Grados

Location: link to map

Address: Calle Periodista Eugenio Selles, s/n, 18014 Granada

Aula Magna del Convento de los Capuchinos, Art Exhibition
Address: Calle del Obispo Ceballos, 1. 23680. Alcalá la Real, Jaén, Spain.

Organization Committee:

•    Director: Mª José de Córdoba. (F.I.A.C & Dpto. de Dibujo UGR)

•    Co-director: Dina Riccò. (Politecnico di Milano, Italia and FIAC).

•    FIAC Coordinator: Julia López de la Torre (FIAC)

•    International Coordinators: Sean A Day (IASAS and FIAC); Anton Sidorof Dorso (FIAC Delegation, Russia); Ninghui Xiong (FIAC Delegation, China); Timothy B Layden (FIAC Delegation, UK);  Gaby Cardoso (Argentina).

•    Directoras MuVi6: Dina Riccò, (Univ. Politécnica de Milán & FIAC) and María José de Córdoba, UGR & FIAC, collaborators: Giovanni Baule (Univ. Politecnico di Milano); Jesús Pertíñez López, María del Carmen Hidalgo Martínez; Ana García López; Mar Garrido; Paz Tornero- Master in Drawing, Fine Arts Faculty, UGR. Natalia Cobo Aguilar and Ana Tirado Chica (Teaching Artistic and Musical Corporal Expression, UJA), Local coordinators (to be announced)

•    Scientific Committee: Sean A Day, Joerg Jewanski, Anton Sidoroff Dorso, Danko Nikolic, Dina Riccò, Mª José de Córdoba, Helena Melero, Oscar Iborra

•    Collaborators and coordinators: Representatives of Universidad Complutense de Madrid: Helena Melero; José Sánchez Montalban (Decanato Bellas Artes, UGR), Jesús Pertíñez López (Máster Dibujo,UGR); Francisco Toro Ceballos, técnico de cultura, Alcalá la Real; Federico Barquero Mesa, Delegación FIAC, Alcalá la Real; Antonio Horno López, ( Didáctica de la Expresión Plástica corporal y Musical, UJA). Juan García Villar, Dpto, Pintura, UGR. Emilio Gómez UGR, Dpto de Psicología Experimental, UGR;  Ninghui Xiong (Painting Music Synesthesia in Art Studio coodinador con Hangzhou Normal University). Svetlana Rudenko and Jame Ward, UK Synaethesia; Markus Zedler, Hannover Medical School, Clinic for Psychiatry, Social Psychiatry and Psychotherapy ;head of the Hannover Synaesthesia Workgroup, founder of the German Synaesthesia Association (DSG). Mohamed Ahmed Radi Abouarab (Universidad Kafrelsheikh, Egipto, delegado y coordinador Internacional en Egipto, Oriente Medio Africa y Países Arabes); Javier Dominguez Muñino (Universidad de Sevilla)

•  Simultaneous translation: Julia López de la Torre & Timothy B Layden  (expert translators with in-depth knowledge of this area)

  • Audiovisual technicians: Nicolás Montoro Aguilar; Sergio Pereira Román


Excmo. Ayto. Alcalá la Real, Jaén. UGR, UJA, Politecnico di Milano, Hannover Medical School, German Synaesthesia Association (DSG), Hangzhou Normal University, Chinese Synaesthesia Alliance, UK Synaesthesia Association, Universidad Complutense de Madrid; IASAS; Universidad de Sevilla. 

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