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The following web pages contain multiple links to synesthesia-related sites of interest. I think they're all very complete and equally interesting, so I've ordered them alphabetically but any of them make a good starting point for getting more in-depth information from around the world on our favourite subject.

Dr. Hugo Heyrman’s site (lots of links to different websites about all aspects of synesthesia: science, art, literature, music, resources, ideas...)

Pat Duffy's Blue Cats Synesthesia Resource Center (links to articles, videos, forums+organisations, scientific reports, podcasts, synesthetes’ blogs+websites, surveys and tests. Material in a lot of other languages. By the author of the book Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens)

PDF Drive. Books, studies, theses and articles for free download. New ones are being added all the time. Under the headword "Synesthesia" there are currently more than 800 results, which include a lot of top-quality relevant material. It's best to run more specific searches to find exactly what you're looking for.    

Sean Day’s Links page (synesthesia associations in different countries; university research groups and other links)

Sean Day’s Bibliography page (links to numerous research studies and books on synesthesia, including top recent studies, articles by the synesthesia research pioneers in the nineteenth century and everything in between. There's also a fiction section)

Sensequence: the Other interesting projects and references page. (Sensequence is a synesthesia site in English and German and this particular page has a large number of links to sites of interest)

Obviously not all the links on all the sites are updated to 2024, but most of them are working and they’re a great starting point for finding just about anything you might be looking for, making contacts in your country and finding reading matter (or watching or listening matter if you prefer) on just about any aspect of synesthesia.

This page last updated: 3 March 2024

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