March 2024

Check out this interesting interview with James Wannerton on the Journey through the Senses website!

James Wannerton is a well-known lexical-gustatory synesthete who has made many media appearances and is the President of the UK Synaesthesia Association. He recently collaborated with a successful theatre piece, Pete Carruthers' The Possibility of Colour, about neurodiversity, synesthesia and how we can fight against the standardisation of our society and the dark possibility of deriving towards a dystopian future. Pat Duffy interviews James to find out more about the play and how he reacted to seeing a word-tasting synesthete being brought to life on stage for the first time.

Read the article here

Pat's Q&A is posted in connection with this year's Neurodiversity Week, from 18th-24th of March. Find out more here!

February 2024 (2)

Take a look at beautiful recent works by synesthete artists on this site and… 
Listen in to the Synesthesia Art Talks on Wednesday 28th February

The team says:

" is the first online gallery for synaesthetic art and was launched in summer 2023. With the talks series we present the work of contemporary artists whose work looks at synaesthesia from diverse perspectives. The artists in our talks experience synaesthesia themselves, which informs their work. Each talk offers a unique look into the experience and creative processes of the artists we celebrate at talk #1 on 28/02/2024 at 3pm (GMT) with talks by the artists Ninghui Xiong (China), CC Hart (USA) and Timothy B Layden (UK).

Moderation: Michael Haverkamp

The Zoom link to access the Art Talk will be available on the gallery website on 28/02/2024.

We look forward to seeing you there!"

February 2024 (1)


“The Possibility of Colour”, a new play written by Pete Carruthers, is on tour in the UK.

Pete collaborated with James Wannerton for his inclusion of lexical-gustatory synesthesia in the piece, a funny, thought-provoking work about AI-induced standardisation of minds exploring the topic of neurodiversity.

“The Possibility of Colour” will soon be forming part of training given to health professionals.

“I think it’s fair to say that when most people witness unusual traits in others, they’re much more likely to respond with fear and suspicion than with curiosity and open-mindedness … it results in missed opportunities for the whole of society, with its blinkered insistence on a perceived ‘neurotypical’ ideal.”

Pete Carruthers                   

See the 4-minute trailer for the play here

Find out what’s behind the scenes: Pat Duffy interviews Pete Carruthers on the Journey Through the Senses website here

And why not attend a film screening of the play, interviews and dinner and drinks if you can be in Innsbruck, Austria on the 24th of February?  More info here

This event is part of Maike Pressing’s celebrations for the one-year anniversary of her Let’s Talk Synesthesia podcast.


January 2024

7th online Synesthesia seminar: Cuisine

17th of January, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. GMT


The seminar will delve into the concept of taste as a multisensory experience. How does the interplay of multiple senses impact our experience of eating and drinking? Furthermore, how do modern chefs engage in experimental approaches with synesthetic flavors?




Gabriela Ruiz Lugo – chef and restaurant owner, named the best chef in Mexico by the Mexican Gastronomic Council;


James Wannerton – artist and writer, President of the UK Synaesthesia Association;


Qian Janice Wang – Associate Professor of Consumer Psychology at the University of Copenhagen;


Concluding words by Carolyn CC Hart, IASAS Secretary.


Click here for the link to the live seminar


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  1. The Possibility of Colour is a great play!