Artists with synesthesia

Here are some synesthetes who represent (or represented, as some are not contemporary) their synesthesia via the visual arts. The links are to their websites or somewhere you can see their syn-related works and/or read about their synesthesia and their embodiment of it through art. 

Most of these artists are contemporary, some are not. Some are world-famous, others well-known in the synesthesia circuits, others are not well-known but are just amazing new discoveries! Painting is the most represented visual art here, but you can also find animation, photography, sculpture, textile art, theatre set design and video creation.

April Zanne Johnson

Brandy Gale

Carol Steen

Charles Burchfield (1893-1969)

Christina Eve

Dasha Pears

David Hockney

Geri Hahn

Jack Coulter

Jane MacKay

Kia Lydia

Lucas Masoch/Baumarius

Marcia Smilack

María José de Córdoba

Melissa S. McCracken

Michael Haverkamp

Michel Gagné

Miren Karmele Gómez

Pepa Salas Vilar

Rosy Long

Sarah Kraning

Sue Holmes

Timothy B. Layden

Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890)

Wassily Kandinsky  (1866-1944)

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