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Acupuncture-colour/shape (tactile-visual)
Flashes on hearing sudden or loud sounds when falling asleep (not considered synesthesia)
Flavour (see taste)
Gender as a synesthetic concurrent (concepts, letters, numbers, etc. are masculine or feminine)
General sounds-colour (and/or shape)
Geometric shapes-colour
High-production synesthesia
Ideasthesia (or ideaesthesia) (not a type of synesthesia but an alternative way of defining it)
Mathematical concepts-vision
Mathematical synesthesias
Mirror kinetics (involuntary movements on seeing other people move)
Musical notes-texture
Musical synesthesias (all the different types)
Music-emotion (not considered synesthesia)
Music-images, landscapes or “music videos” (not considered synesthesia)
Sight-smell: see smelling images or concept-smell
Sight-taste: see tasting images or concept-taste
Smelling colours (colours trigger smell perceptions)
Smelling images
Smelling music or sound
Smelling numbers
Sounds-emotion (not considered synesthesia)
Tasting colours (colours trigger taste sensations)
Visual-olfactory synesthesia (vision-smell): see smelling imagesconcept-smell or colour-smell
Visual-gustatory synesthesia (vision-taste): see tasting imagesconcept-taste or colour-taste


  1. What would seeing colours at people's feet when they walk be?

    1. I like this question!

      People’s gait can be a good indicator of personality, and perceiving colours appearing around people is quite typical of “aura” synesthesia or personality-colour, so I think it could be that. I hadn’t heard of it around their feet before, it’s more common around their face, head, upper body… but if they way they walked was intuitively giving you the information about their personality, then that might be the case. Or if you tend to look down towards foot-level rather than maintaining your gaze on people’s faces when you see them in the street, that could be another reason. Here’s the page:

      The other possibility would be that it’s the sound of the person’s feet that produces colours for you, although I think that’s less likely as you would have realised it was the sound causing it. But in the page on General sounds-colour/shape, right at the end of the page, there’s a compilation of all the different colours and shapes a lot of different synesthetes associate with the sound of heels on a pavement, so you might like to read that too:

  2. What would you call being able to feel someone’s face as your face when watching them and feeling their expressions as though your face is making them, and feeling their voice in your throat and your mouth making the dialect they use?

    1. Feeling people’s voices in your mouth and throat as if you were making the sounds yourself would be mirror speech ( and I think feeling somebody’s facial expressions as your own might be connected with mirror kinetics, if it depended on the movement of the person’s face (

  3. Any chance there's a Tactile–Tactile Synesthesia (experiencing tactile sensations from being touched)? It would be the same effects as auditory–tactile synesthesia but evoked from physical touch - I can't find any answers on this, please let me know if you're aware of anything.

    1. Hi! No, that wouldn’t be a kind of synesthesia. I'm not completely sure what you mean, though. Do you mean like a kind of “referred itch” phenomenon, but only when other people touch you, in a different part of the body from where you were touched? And which wouldn’t be accounted for by emotion (e.g. if someone you have a romantic interest in touches your hand and you get a tingle in your spine?)

    2. Hi, thanks for your answer! No, it's not tied to a "referred itch" at all, and it's not mainly emotionally-tied. As a person who experiences similarities to (self-diagnosed) Mirror-Touch and Audio-Tactile Synesthesia's, I can describe it as experiencing Audio-Tactile synesthesia. I'd say it's like feeling pulsation/ripple sensations from the point where you're touched that travel throughout your body (it's also like tactile-visual but more involves feeling that energy movement throughout your body instead of seeing it in patterns/colors). I apologize if this is unclear; I haven't found a great way to explain it yet. Thanks for your questions and time!

    3. Ah, OK! That's very interesting... and I hadn't heard of it before. If you say it isn't really emotionally-tied, what aspect of the touch experience do you think causes it? I can sort of imagine it as I have auditory-tactile too and get those kind of sensations from sound, although it's a bit difficult for me to capture it exactly. Is it always when people touch you or is it also other kinds of touch, like when you brush against something? Is it different depending on which person is doing the touching, I mean if they're someone close to you, a stranger, etc? Does it depend on the kind of touch (caress, grab, hit, accidentally brush, etc.)?

    4. Thanks, again. It's most consistently stimulated by other people's touch but from brushing against soft or smooth textures too. It can be from anyone (but it's the most intense when it's someone close rather than a stranger) and it's from all kinds of touch, just not to a point of pain. I can't find anything that describes it, I've looked into touch sensitivity and just about every synesthesia platform (but it's technically just one sense - so I understand that it wouldn't be synesthesia applicable). Rippling energy is the best way for me to describe it.

  4. I will be very grateful if any Synesthete could let me know if she or he sees colours or different shades of the same when certain letters are pronounced aloud.There is an interesting aspect of chanting alphabets I am trying to investigate.Thanks,

  5. If anyone knows what feeling sight would be(feeling like its distance to yourself like a needle to your eye if its sharp) could you tell me.