Grapheme-sound synesthesia

Subtypes are letter-sound and number-sound

This is a very uncommon type of synesthesia. In Sean Day's study on 1,143 synesthetes, only one of them reported having it: 0.09%. It consists of automatically and consistently associating each letter or each number with a sound, which is either actually heard physically or comes in the form of a strong impression of the sound on perceiving the letter or number in question.


The designer Sophie Rautenbach created a video about the perceptions of Helen, a girl who has this type of synesthesia.


Number-sound synesthesia, also an uncommon type, usually coexists with other synesthetic concurrents for numbers such as colour or taste. As it is a very interesting subtype, I’ve dedicated a page to it in its own right.


Go to the page on number-sound synesthesia

Go to the page on concept-sound synesthesia (other sequences of items evoke sounds)

This page last updated: 15 August 2021

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