Key signature-colour

A subtype of auditory-visual synesthesia

With this type of synesthesia, it is the key of a song or piece of music that determines the colour perceived as a synesthetic concurrent. It normally triggers a single colour per song, unless the person who has this type also has other auditory-visual types of synesthesia that evoke other concurrents together with this one.

The term chromesthesia can be used for this type of synesthesia, as chromesthesia is a general name that can be given to any type in which the inducer is sound or music and the concurrent is (or includes) colour.

Here is a description written by someone with this type of synesthesia: 

"D Major is my least favorite key signature. It’s this dark green that’s kind of ugly. Anyway, I find myself having a bias against songs in D Major and other key signatures I don’t like, and it’s really frustrating because I know some of them are really good songs, but I can’t love them as much.”

(Source: This comment on the online debate platform Reddit/Synesthesia. 2019.)

This page is about key signature-color synesthesia
This page is about key signature-colour synaesthesia

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