Mirror kinetics

When people with mirror kinetics observe others moving or assuming certain postures they feel an automatic, involuntary impulse to assume the same postures or make the same movements. This could be a type of synesthesia.

Here are some descriptions written by people with mirror kinetics:


“It’s basically, sometimes, when I see someone moving (for example, falling) I’ll feel as if I’m falling too. It can be really scary, but I tend to be able to snap out of it. It can be really disorienting.”

(Source: Cath, in the blog Synesthesia and Such. 2013.)

CC Hart, a synesthete and medical and massage professional, writes on her website Vox Synaesthetica:

When I see other people dance, I feel my own muscles fire in response. This mirror-proprioception is a frequent feature of mirror-sensory synesthesia. (…) When I watch dancers spin, I get a giddy reaction fostered by the dizzying precision of their pirouettes.”


She also says, in this post:

"I feel myself moving when other people move. This rarely occurs with simple acts like watching someone walk down the street. However, more complicated, coordinated movements, such as dance, martial arts, or acrobatics will really get me twitching. (…) I can get a little exercise by simply watching other people move."


Related types of synesthesia:

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Auditory-motor or sound-to-kinetics (involuntary body movements triggered by sound)

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