Pain-smell synesthesia

An alternative name could be algesic-olfactory synesthesia

This type of synesthesia, which appears to be very uncommon, consists of different types of pain each triggering a specific sensation of smell. In the few cases reported, it appears to coexist with other types of pain-induced synesthesia such as pain-colour or pain-sound. 

Here is a description written by someone with this type of synesthesia:

“An ant bite smells like natural gas (or whatever they put in it so that it does have a smell), a bee sting smells like tin, a jammed finger smells like sulphur. Many of the smells I cannot put a name to. They also differ in intensity as well, and can be mixed, such as my arthritis pain smells like a really strong bee sting."

(Source: This question in the online forum Yahoo Answers. 2010. )

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