Sight as a synesthetic inducer

“Sight” or "vision" can generally only be considered an inducer of synesthesia when it refers to certain specific concepts that can be visually perceived.

Basically, the following concepts can trigger a synesthetic concurrent through sight:

. Colours

. Shapes (geometric figures, etc.)

Items in a sequence, when perceived visually (for example looking at the different chess pieces might evoke a colour association for each one)

. Graphemes and printed words

. Movement (of people, animals, objects or machines, and also motion observed in GIFs, videos, etc.)

. Physical contact (hitting, stroking, etc., in the case of mirror touch)

. People (in personality-colour, person-colour and perceved emotion-to-colour synesthesia)

What probably gives rise to the synesthetic response in all these cases is the concept of what is seen rather than sight or vision in itself or as a sense (which ties in with the notion of ideasthesia).

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This page last updated: 24 December 2021

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