July 2021 (4)

26 July The 2nd edition of Sean Day's book (or monograph) Synesthetes is now available, in PDF format. Here's the link to download it. The price is $7.50 US.


22 JulyThe American Psychological Association interviews Professor Julia Simner from the University of Sussex.

You can listen to the audio streaming (and/or read the full transcript) here.

James Wannerton shared the link today on the UK Synesthesia Association facebook site today and said:

“For the past 20+ years Julia and Professor Jamie Ward at Sussex have worked tirelessly to advance awareness and understanding of this truly fascinating trait. I still recall the bad old days when we tended to be labelled as "fantasists" or "attention seekers" but their persistence and commitment to the cause changed all that.

Many thanks.”

Synesthesia, misophonia, aphantasia, cross-modal correspondences, colour, art, dogs, genetics… the interview touches on a lot of interesting subjects!

16 July: Interesting opportunity for a female taste-colour synesthete in the UK!

"We are casting an online advert for a well-known confectionery brand, and looking for women with synesthesia - specifically synesthetes who can interpret taste as colour. The person cast in the ad will be asked to try new chocolate flavours and describe what they see to an artist who will try to capture it.

The project will be filmed in London on 11th of August (or during that week - date TBC). All travel will be paid for etc, plus everything will be filmed according to strict CV-19 procedures. The woman cast in the film will be paid £2,000. We've made a quick casting questionnaire for anyone that is interested - Click here for questionnaire

11 July: call for artists to submit work for an exhibition in San Marcos, Texas, U.S.  Of interest to chromesthetes! (Update to dates mentioned: date for physical submissions is 17 July and deadline for digital submissions is 24 July).

Linda Beth Kelsey-Jones, the Gallery Director, says:

"Hello all, 

We are inviting any artists (or poets) among you to participate in our upcoming exhibit, "Visualizing Music." The Walkers' Gallery is located in the corridors of a public building in San Marcos, TX. We are celebrating our 24th Anniversary this month!

Please feel free to contact me directly if you are interested --our non-profit gallery frequently has presentations on various topics of interest as well as presenting relevant artwork. We can provide reasonable shipping both ways, can print out digital work and provide exhibition framing for works on paper. 

Excited to see and share how you see music."

There will be a website for digital entries. Specifications:

"Please email up to 5 photos of your artwork or original digital images in JPG or PNG format at 72dpi with a minimum size of 1200 pixels (wide) or 900 pixels (high). The total file size of each image should not exceed 10MB. Please do not include frames in the photos unless integral to the artwork. If your work is a video, please upload in MP4 format (max 10MB) or include a link to VIMEO or YouTube. Please save each file with your full name, followed by an underscore, the number of the work, underscore, and the title of the work so it can be matched to the entry form."

"If works are for sale, please include the price (plus our non profit commission of 20%.) Buyers will be connected directly to artists to arrange for purchase and shipping."

(The email adress for more information and an entry form if you’re interested in participating is in the poster)

June 2021

24 June: Release of Pat Duffy's Blue Cats audio book.

Many of you have read or know about the book Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens. How Synesthetes Colour their Worlds. On its 20th anniversary it's now available in fully updated audio version:

"Blue Cats audio contains new features: research updates at the end of each chapter; musical excerpts by contemporary synesthete-composers: sound-to-color synesthetes Tim Layden& Gaby Cardoso, taste-to-sound synesthete Portrait X O, and music-color synesthete Jenny Q. Chai. Plus an "Afterword" with the author's reflections on some important experiments and happenings in the sciences and the arts of synesthesia"

By Patricia Lynne Duffy, narrated by Appelusa. Audio cover illustration by Emily Hopkins. Available from Audible (only in the U.S. at present)

26 June: Synesthesia in Africa: Discovery, Awareness, Research, and Outreach

The first virtual Pan-African Synesthesia Symposium was held last Saturday, hosted by the Synesthesia Society of Africa (SSOA) in collaboration with the International Association of Synesthetes, Artists and Scientists (IASAS). Great organisation by CC Hart, Sean Day and Gaby Cardoso from the IASAS. Here’s the programme with all the interesting top-level talks we were able to watch and interact with:

Do you know of any synesthesia-related news? New studies published, findings, talks, books, exhibitions... Send us a description or link and we'll check it out!


  1. So exciting to attend the first meeting of the SSOA!
    Great initiative by Abiola Ogunsanwo, Sheila Butungi.
    Excellent presentations!
    CC Hart was a terrific MC!

    1. Yes it was an interesting day for the syn community, wasn't it? And great organisation. Ah, I'm going to add that the talks are on YouTube :)

  2. I’m thrilled to learn that Patricia Duffy’s brilliant book on synesthesia has been updated with the most recent information on the subject and is now available as an audiobook. I read Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens when it first came out and have referred back to it many times. The author moves fluidly from science to the arts, as well as to her personal story, making for a richly layered and fascinating reading that those who have long been intrigued by synesthesia, as well as those who scarcely know what it is will appreciate.

    1. That's a great description of it. I liked that about it too, I thought it was especially interesting because in part it's like a personal account and it's about people, and it has that nice mix of science + a story of a personal journey of discovery, starting out in childhood. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I found the science to be both intelligently presented and accessible; it blended in well with the biographical and arts-oriented sections.