How to use the Synesthesia Finder

If you have experiences you think might be synesthesia, this is a simple way of finding out whether they are or not, and if so what type. (You can also just use it as a general way of finding out what types of synesthesia there are, or as a route to the pages on the various types.)

Just choose the option that best describes your case and click on it to go on to the next group of options. Keep choosing and clicking and you will eventually reach the page describing the specific type of synesthesia (or other phenomenon) you are looking for. Sometimes it will only take 1 or 2 steps, in other cases it will take more.

If more than one answer is right for you, click the most prominent one. You can always go back and click the other answer if you need to.

Go to the start of the Synesthesia Finder

Remember that synesthetic experiences always have an inducer (something that triggers the experience) and a concurrent (the synesthetic perception itself). Your starting point on the Finder can be either an inducer or a concurrent. On the Start page, you can decide which you prefer to start with.

Please feel free to use the Comments section to tell us your experience with the Synesthesia Finder!

Go to the start of the Synesthesia Finder

The Finder was launched on 5 September 2021,
updated to include concurrents as a starting point on 21 June 2022
and last updated on 1 February 2023

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