January 2022 (2)

An excellent research article on the co-occurrence of the different types of synesthesia by Jamie Ward and Julia Simner has been published this week (18 January 2022): “How do Different Types of Synesthesia Cluster Together? Implications for Causal Mechanisms”.

You can read it here on the Sage Journals page or download the pdf.

January 2022 (1)

New collaboration: The Synesthesia Tree and Journey Through The Senses

Planning and holding exhibitions, concerts and much more around the world. Embracing neurodivergence and bringing together the arts, the sciences, music and technology. That's the mission of Journey Through The Senses. JTTS and The Tree announced their collaboration today and we’re looking forward to seeing where this will take us!

Go to the JTTS website

Read “A Synesthesia Tree grows in Syn Web City”: Pat Duffy’s interview with Pau at JTTS

This international nonprofit organisation is building a team of collaborators with top names in many fields. Daniel Schuster, James Wannerton and Appelusa lead the main team and the synesthesia world is also well represented by leading scientific figures like Jamie Ward, Julia Simner and Anton Sidoroff-Dorso, with writer Pat Duffy taking care of the literature aspect.

Daniel says: “Journey Through The Senses – Los Angeles, Fall 2023 is an exploration and celebration of the vast universe of human sensory experience and perception. Through the lens of art, science technology, performance and interactive installations, together we can discover the marvels of what we humans can create. The exhibition will also explore the wonders of the human mind and the human experience through neurodiversity, inherited synaesthesia, savantism, people with autism with unique skills and an interactive exploration of our “classic” 5 senses (plus a few more!).

Following our exhibition in Los Angeles in 2023, our goal is that the exhibition will then travel to Paris, Berlin, and other major cities of the world as we continue this world-wide collaboration. Our aim is to eventually create a permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian.”

December 2021 (3)

Journey Through The Senses (JTTS) is a new international nonprofit organization whose mission is to support a greater awareness and appreciation for neurodiversity and the senses. It’s a co-sponsor of this upcoming cutting-edge event, a concert created by and featuring brilliant synesthete concert pianist Jenny Q. Chai, to be held on 1 January 2022 in an elegant concert hall in Shanghai. JTTS Producer Daniel Schuster says “We invite you to follow, and if you wish, join us on our journey as we create events throughout the world with the goal of inspiring joy and wonder.”

December 2021 (2)

"Please join us for a guided tasting of sparkling and other bubbly beverages as we celebrate the New Year", say Anna Mantheakis and CC Hart.

This Zoom event is open to both synesthetes and anyone else who'd like to meet some interesting people and share bubbly drinks from all over the world, ask questions and talk about their own experiences - synesthetic or just general. The proceeds go to the Synesthesia Society of Africa.

Link to get your ticket here.

December 2021 (1)

Brilliant article, "Synesthesia" by Jamie Ward, published online this week (29/11/2021), free access.

You can read it here.


November 2021 (3)

Monique Truong, author of a novel with a synesthete character, wins the 2021 Dos Passos prize

Writer Monique Truong, the author of "Bitter in the Mouth", an acclaimed novel with a synesthete as its main  character, has been announced the winner of this year's John Dos Passos Prize for Literature. This prestigious award was launched in 1980 and is given annually by Longwood University to an underappreciated writer whose work offers incisive, original commentary on American themes.

Information on the prize here.
Read Pat Duffy's interview with Monique here.

About the book.

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