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This is a list of all the pages in The Synesthesia Tree


There follows a list of the 100 pages on types/subtypes of synesthesia and some other related phenomena.

The pages do not have a set order. I’ve divided them into groups here, each group with a key word as a heading.

Auditory (visual)

Auditory-visual synesthesia

General sounds-vision (colour/shape)

Musical synesthesias


Timbre-colour and timbre-shape

Tone-colour (musical note-colour)


Key signature-colour

Song-colour. Musical genre-colour

Voice-colour and voice-shape

Seeing flashes on hearing loud or sudden sounds (not a type of synesthesia)

Images seen in creative/musical trance

Auditory (non-visual)

Auditory-gustatory synesthesia

Tone-taste (musical notes) and chord-taste

Song-taste. Musical genre-taste


Auditory-olfactory synesthesia

Auditory-tactile synesthesia

Sound-texture synesthesia

Musical note-texture synesthesia

Auditory-motor synesthesia

Music and temperature

Misophonia (not a type of synesthesia)

In this section, see also Personification of sequences of musical sounds

Graphemes (visual)

Grapheme-colour synesthesia

Grapheme-shape/texture/colour/image synesthesia

Lexeme-colour and morpheme-colour synesthesia

Phoneme-colour synesthesia

Colour-to-taste synesthesia

Colour-to-smell synesthesia

Colour-sound (colour-tone) synesthesia

Colour-tactile synesthesia

In this section, see also Colour personification


Motor synesthesia

Kinetics-colour synesthesia

Motion-to-sound synesthesia


Pain-colour and pain-shape synesthesia

Pain-smell synesthesia

Pain-taste synesthesia

Pain-sound synesthesia


Emotion-colour and emotion-shape synesthesia

Emotion-taste synesthesia

Emotion-smell synesthesia

Emotion-tactile synesthesia

Is emotion a synesthetic concurrent?

In this section, see also Perceived emotion-to-colour (and other concurrents)


Gustatory-visual synesthesia

Taste-colour synesthesia

Taste-shape synesthesia

Gustatory-auditory synesthesia

Gustatory-tactile synesthesia

Taste and smell (not a type of synesthesia)



Olfactory-visual synesthesia

Olfactory-auditory synesthesia

Olfactory-tactile synesthesia

Smell and memory, taste and Proust’s madeleine

In this section, see also Taste and smell (not a type of synesthesia)


Mirror touch

Machine empathy

Mirror speech

Mirror kinetics

Pain empathy (not a type of synesthesia)


Tactile-visual synesthesia

Sexual (and romantic) synesthesia

Tactile-gustatory and tactile-olfactory synesthesia

Tactile-auditory synesthesia

Tactile-emotion synesthesia


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